i.TV CEO Brad Pelo in an interview with Simon Dumenco for AdAge says, “TVtag is about contextualization.” He also discusses how all the curated content is produced for the revamped second-screen app:

Pelo: We have on staff here 50 professional curators and these are folks whose job is to watch television with their headsets. They sit at a computer, they’re assigned a network and it’s their job to curate that network.

Dumenco: When did you bring on these people?

Pelo: We brought them on in phases over the last year. We had a small group that started out with the launch of Nintendo TV where we experimented with this and then with the launch of DirecTV’s CoPilot service last month we had ramped it up to the full 50. So yeah, around the clock we have employees who are literally watching television and curating the experience.

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tvtag News

GetGlue Begins Rebranding Process to tvtag
tvtag Now Available for iPhone

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According to i.tv’s home page you can now download tvtag for iPhone. Anyone been able to download the app?

tvtag for Android and other platforms coming soon.

Some time this morning GetGlue started rebranding their properties to tvtag.

Sneak-peek of new tvtag app for iPhone and Android

Sneak-peek of new tvtag app for Android and iPhone

tvtag Twitter account

tvtag Twitter account

tvtag error message

Rebranded error messages too.

tvtag Facebook page

tvtag Facebook page

I’m not a fan of the red color scheme.

Here’s the press release:


i.TV today introduced tvtag, a new second-screen and social TV experience that invites users to share TV moments and connect with other fans while watching their favorite shows.

“tvtag is what the second screen should be: an experience to complement—not compete with—television,” said i.TV CEO, Brad Pelo. “The sole purpose of tvtag is to make watching TV more fun and memorable, and we do this in a variety of ways. With tvtag, you can say what you think about that epic slam dunk, create a doodle or meme from Miley Cyrus’ latest televised performance, or find out what that-one-actor’s name is on The Walking Dead, all in the context of an actual scene at your fingertips. All without switching apps. We can’t wait until TV fans get their hands on it!”

Connect with other viewers and share TV moments

tvtag presents users with a feed of TV moments that act as a digital “water cooler” where users can tag show moments with comments, emotes, doodles, and memes. Users can also check in to a show, unlock digital stickers, vote in polls, and even doodle right on top of these TV moments. These tagged moments can then be shared with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

tvtag answers questions about your favorite shows

According to a June 2013 report from Nielsen and numerous other surveys, a majority of smartphone and tablet owners routinely look up info about TV shows while they watch. With tvtag, answers are right at your fingertips: cast information, show trivia and real-time trending searches from other tvtag users.

tvtag is the ultimate TV watching companion for sports fans

tvtag offers more ways to experience that winning touchdown or championship game. In addition to play-by-play TV moments, tvtag provides live stats, play descriptions, and field positions that update in real time.

Pricing and availability

tvtag (formerly GetGlue) is a free application now available for iPhone in the App Store, and soon for Android and web.

About i.TV

With its recent acquisition of GetGlue, i.TV is the largest consumer-facing social platform built specifically for TV. The i.TV platform also powers second screen and social TV experiences for brands like DIRECTV, AOL, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and Nintendo. Every month nearly 15 million people use i.TV technology to discover, watch, and engage with television. i.TV’s backers include Union Square Ventures, RHO Ventures, RRE Ventures, DIRECTV, and Time Warner Investments.

Visit tvtag.com, and connect via @tvtag on Twitter and on Facebook.


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GetGlue is Now TVtag

January 27, 2014 — 2 Comments

In an email to some of its user, i.TV announced that GetGlue will rebrand itself as TVtag.

GetGlue rebranding to TVtag

Next week, there will be some major updates to GetGlue and we wanted you to be the first to know.

As many of you are aware, this update has been a long time coming. In fact, when GetGlue joined i.TV in November, one of the reasons we were all so excited about both companies coming together is that both teams shared a vision for how to make watching TV more fun and interesting. The update to GetGlue you’ll see next week is a culmination of a lot of hard work and your feedback. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Here’s what you’ll see:

GetGlue will now be known as tvtag
The app icon and brand colors will change from blue to red
In response to your feedback, we will incorporate a ton of new features we can’t wait for you to try out
Thanks for all your support. We look forward to watching TV with you for many years to come!

The GetGlue Team

P.S. And as a final reminder, will become next week. So heads up!

No exact date was given for when the rebranding will occur. A digital sticker recently appeared but is now NLA (No Longer Available) as part of the announcement. As of yet there are no new apps available and i.TV hasn’t posted the announcement on their blog or the GetGlue blog.